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Believing in Science

Introduction Richard Dawkins’ argument that there is no God is an argument that purports to deploy scientific truth against religious belief. The question to put to Dawkins is: "Do you know that God does not exist or do you believe , on the basis of the evidence you accept, that God does not exist?" The existence of a scientific explanation for observed phenomena doesn't prove that God does not exist. It is no more powerful than the fact of the existence of order in the Universe proves that God does exist. Knowledge, belief and the unprovable If Dawkins cannot know that God does not exist, then he can only believe that God does not exist. In this case he is in no stronger position than someone believes that God does exist. The question then reduces to a conflict of beliefs and turns upon the nature and type of evidence one is willing to accept. The question of whether Gods exists or not may be unprovable. There is a philosophical limitation upon what we ca